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Waterproofing A Flat Roof System Help and Advice

Waterproofing A Flat Roof System

Posted on 22 June, 2021

Flat roofs are notorious for leaks and other roof problems, and a leaky roof can cause an array of issues in your property from damage to possessions to dangerous structural faults.

Unfortunately, replacing a flat roof can be costly and time-consuming, so waterproofing a flat roof yourself is the best option for cracks, bubbles and blistering that don’t require a full flat roof replacement.

Today, we’ll be running through a few tips on how to waterproof a flat roof, as well as offer advice on which products should be used for different flat roof repair needs.

How do you waterproof a flat roof?

Our range of flat roof sealer and roof paint is designed to make flat roof waterproofing easy, with each flat roof waterproofing product from BC Profiles made to be applied differently to suit purpose and environment.

It’s important that product-specific instructions should be followed depending on which product used, however, for most waterproofing roof paint, the following steps offer a rough outline of how to waterproof a flat roof:

  1. Remove any excess material on the roof such as dirt, moss and leaves, as well as any stone chippings or decorative overlay 
  2. If any washes (such as fungicidal washes) need to be applied to fully remove excess material, apply in accordance with manufacturer instructions
  3. Fill and bridge suitable cracks and splits with waterproofing paint – some roof paint will only fill certain sized gaps (for example, Acrypol+ fills gaps up to 10mm wide)
  4. Fully apply the waterproofing paint to the prepared roof surface with a brush or squeegee
  5. Waterproofing should be complete once fully dried

What is the best roof waterproofing?

While there is no singular best roof waterproofing solution, there are best waterproofing practices for each individual roof and roof problem.

For example, Cromapol acrylic waterproofing is ideal for use on damp and wet roofs, and can even be applied over puddles. Similarly, Sealacryl roof repair is suitable for use in wet conditions and is the ideal emergency roof repair offering instant protection.

If you’re looking for a long term solution for a roof with various indents, Hydrosil liquid silicone coating has self-levelling properties and exhibits outstanding weather and water resistance.

Another long term solution is Ultraflex liquid waterproofing that’s suitable for cement roofs, as well as Black Jack roof coating that comes as a black brushable compound with added fibres suited for year-round use.

For help with applying blackjack roof coating, take a look at our guide now.

What is EPDM waterproofing?

EPDM roofing is a rubber roofing system that’s ideal for flat roofs, made from rubber membranes and other EPDM roof supplies. 

In recent years, EPDM roofing has become a popular roofing material for replacing flat roofs, thanks to its easy installation, resistance to moss, weather and water resistance, and environmentally friendly properties.

Made with limited environmental impact during manufacture and use, EPDM roofing is the environmentally-conscious alternative to the likes of felt roofs and GRP roofs.

EPDM roofing can be installed easily with EPDM rubber, and repaired with a variety of different sealants and paints that are designed specifically for repairing EPDM roofs.

When waterproofing your flat roof, ensure manufacturers instructions are followed to ensure an effective, high-quality finish. 

Browse our full range of flat roof sealer and waterproof paint today for waterproof protection against rain and wet weather conditions.


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