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Radiator Pipe Guides

Radiator pipe guides and seals help to create an impregnable barrier at the point where the pipes to your radiator meet and pass through a wall. The gaps that get left around your pipes allow heat to escape and colder air to enter, which in turn reduces the efficiency of the pipes, increases your energy costs and possibly results in failing a building pressure test. 

Radiator pipe guides and seals have been specially created as a  response to the Revised Part L of the Building Regulations regarding air tightness. Radiator pipe guides are designed for compatibility with plastic pipes, and the custom design of the seal eliminates any gaps through which heat might be lost.

What are radiator pipe guides suitable for?

At BC Profiles, our range of radiator pipe guides and seals is suitable for numerous wall types and radiator sizes. We have twin-pipe units for smaller radiators on both block and stud walls, and for larger radiators. A pair of single pipe and seal units help to avoid possible sag below the radiator and bypass any possible clashes with a third, central radiator bracket. Our radiator pipe guides from both Manthorpe as well as Easy Trim prevent kinks in the pipework, creating a neat and tidy finish.

The seals have multiple fixing points, which means that they can be securely fastened to the surrounding structures, this contributes to the seal’s airtight effectiveness. Our product range is suitable for 10mm diameter flexible plastic pipes.

The radiator pipe guides and seals we sell are manufactured in Britain and conform with British Standards to provide you with a quality product.

If you have any queries concerning our product range for radiator pipe guides, please get in touch with our BC Profiles support team where they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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