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VipSeal flexible couplings are a versatile range of products, designed for joining pipes of any material and dimension. Made to last, VipSeal drainage adaptors utilise the latest in pipe technology to provide a highly flexible selection of pipe joints for easy, long-lasting solutions.

We stock a choice of sizes in our store, including adaptor couplings, which offer an extra-wide tension band that allows for secure connections, alongside standard couplings, which provide a leak-proof seal and high resistance beneath heavy loads.

Why are VIP-Polymers innovative?

VIP-Polymers prides itself on being a market leader in innovation and its designs combine expert engineering and high-quality materials. This allows their pipe seals to be the most reliable across both their low pressure and non-pressurised in the industry.

A key reason, why VIP-Polymers are so innovative has been their ability to spot trends as they are developing. When the pipe technology market began to evolve and become more diverse with a growing range of materials and designs being implemented, the company were quick to react. They introduced a new product range – VipSeal. This was a flexible range of malleable couplings and adaptors which were created to repair and join any type of pipes, despite size and material with long-lasting and reliable results. There are a variety of VIPSeal options on our site including adaptor couplings, standard couplings and drainage couplings.

How easy are VipSeal products to install?

A huge benefit of the VipSeal range is the ease of installation. They are tested and design to the highest quality standards in terms of performance and reliability and can be fitted very quickly. Once installed the standard couplings can withstand a large amount of pressure over a long period, meaning you won’t have to worry about constant repairs.

How to order?

BC Profiles stock a wide range of VipSeal products and therefore ordering has never been simpler. Additionally, if you have any questions regarding your order or want some advice or guidance about which product is most suited to your needs we are happy to assist you. With quick delivery through the VIP-Polymers network of national distributors, you won’t have to wait long.


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