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The Soudal Group is the leading autonomous European manufacturer of sealants, adhesives, and polyurethane foams. Their scope includes providing services to both private and public markets. Since 1966 the company has grown from Belgian family business into a global player with international reach and expertise in the chemical construction specialities.

Where do Soudal operate?

Soudal operate throughout the globe with 19 production teams across 5 continents. There team consists of over 3000 people with highly intelligent departments who are invested into R&D. With a focus on innovation the company has been able to consolidate turnover whilst managing sustainability.

How are Soudal innovative?

Soudal hires a team of exceptionally skilled research, engineers and technicians who work in unison to improve all their products. This means innovatively creating new sealants and adhesives, as well as constantly testing them and pioneering new methods to ensure their longevity. Consequently, this has strengthened the position of Soudal in the industry. Innovation is, therefore, a key component for organic growth at the Soudal Group.

How have the company grown?

Soudal’s performance in the market has led to huge growth in productivity and profits with €835 million being turned over in 2018. This was due to 350 million sealant and polyurethane foam units being created in Soudal’s 19 branches.

Furthermore, the group have successfully diversified their portfolio by producing products for not only their own brand but also private labels which stretches across 7 groups – silicones, polyurethane foam, adhesives, technical aerosols, chemical building goods and polymers of a hybrid nature. These items are shipped to three key sectors: retail, industrial and construction.

Are Soudal environmentally friendly?

The company prides itself on being eco-warriors and having a strong environmental outlook. This means that sustainability sits at the core of production to ensure that everything made is safe for humans and our planet. To enable this, they have spent millions on reducing energy, water, and waste.

If you have any questions regarding Soudal please contact our team at BC Profiles and they will be more than happy to provide more insight and advice about their product range of which stock over 500 items.

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