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Window and Glazing Packers

The perfect accessory to any glazing project, window and glazing packers support the load of the glazed unit and work to spread it across the base frame profile. When used as location blocks, packers work to ensure the glazed unit is both plumb and square to the frame. Often used in certain window types as support blocks to hinge and locking points. Made from high-quality plastic, window and glazing packers come in a variety of colour-coded sizes for easy identification.

When should I use them?

When undertaking a construction project whether on a larger scale or for DIY, glazing packers are incredibly useful. Glazing packers are ideal when you decide to install doors and windows which can be used when toe and heeling. They prevent the glass from touching the frame and consequently, this lowers the risk of breakages.

What is toe and heeling?

As time passes window and door sashes, which are heavy, can begin to exert excess pressure on the glazing.  This may result in problems with opening and closing the doors and windows. Consequently, toe and heeling help fit packers which can be fitted in the corners inside the frame and reduce this excess pressure.

What are window and glazing packers made from?

Window and Glazing packers can be made from a variety of materials however they share similar characteristics such as being resistant to rot and difficult weather conditions. Packers must be resistant to the weather particularly if you live in an area that experiences a range of extreme weather.

Where can I buy the packers?

Window and Glazing packers are an extremely important part of repairing or adding new windows and doors. You’ll be able to find several different sizes and colours in our online shop, meaning you can find a packer to fit with the aesthetic of your home.

If you have any questions about packers, toe and heeling or any other topic the team at BC Profiles is on hand to any consequences. Additionally, we are happy to provide advice on the process and recommend the best available products. 

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