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Lead Substitute

Lead substitute is a material used as an alternative to lead. It can be used to bond brickwork and roof tiles and is suitable for both pitched and flat roofs. Lead substitute can be used to install roof windows, skylights, chimneys & valleys.

Can I purchase lead substitutes in the BC Profiles store?

We stock some highly reputable brands in our online store such as Cromar and Easy Lead. These lead substitutes are incredibly similar to lead in that they are aesthetical similar and as malleable as lead.

Furthermore, the lead substitute also has identical properties to other water-resistant materials like zinc and lead. Furthermore, lead substitutes have become so advanced that their application is the same as lead.

What are some of the features of a lead substitute?

There are several benefits of lead substitutes and certain features which define them. A lead substitute is lightweight meaning it can be transported and used easily. It is flexible and consequently can be applied to a variety of surfaces and shapes. From an environmental perspective, they are sustainable and non-toxic. Finally, a huge benefit of lead substitutes is their affordability and durability. Lead substitutes are a great way to bond bricks and tiles and provide a modern spin on the traditional method. Additionally, as they are cost-effective and sustainable they provide a fantastic alternative to traditional lead.

If you have any questions about lead substitutes such as wondering where is best to use them and why they work better than lead, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have a team of experts at BC Profiles who are fully trained and knowledgeable in how to answer your queries, make product recommendations and offer advice. We are here seven days a week to answer questions and we have a great deal of resources on our website which may be able to provide you with answers.

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