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Cavity & Catchment Trays

What is a cavity tray?

A cavity tray provides a moisture barrier within a cavity wall on a property, with the aim to prevent damp build-up by stopping the ingress of moisture into the building. The cavity tray collects the moisture that has penetrated the external side of the wall. It then directs the moisture out safely to not cause any damage to the structural integrity of the wall.

When you use a cavity tray with a suitable weep vent, they can prevent major damage and thus save you on repair costs.

A cavity tray can cover various property types and scenarios such as new build or refurbishment projects, corners, roof abutments, and bridges. 

What is a catchment tray?

A catchment tray differs from a cavity tray in that you place them at the lowest point of the abutment of a wall, in between two trays, this then ensures that any water that runs down from the trays above it is collected and diverted out of the wall (which is similar to the purpose of a cavity tray)

Similar to cavity trays, it is necessary to use a weep vent in conjunction with a catchment tray to drain any collected water away to stop any major damage.

Both our catchment trays and our cavity trays are both manufactured in Britain and adhere to British Standards, to guarantee you’re receiving a quality, durable product. 


Our Manthorpe range of cavity and catchment trays is compatible with our range of weep vents in order to ensure maximum ease of installation. 

If you are thinking of purchasing a cavity or catchment tray from our selection but have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our BC profiles customer support team and we can answer any queries you may have.

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