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Inspection Chambers

Inspection chambers provide access to underground drainage systems and are an essential part of underground drains. A manhole cover helps allow easy access to those who need to inspect or clear blockages in drains under the ground. Our inspection chambers are available in a choice of sizes and dimensions and made from high-quality materials that are made to last.

Where can you find inspection chambers?

Naturally, you can find inspection chambers at any major DIY store however luckily BC Profiles also stock a range of inspection chambers and other supporting products. Our store has manhole covers, chamber covers, chamber bases and manhole bundles. In addition, our shop has a variety of design choices for instance the manhole covers come in both circular and square styles.

If you’d prefer a more traditional circular design then we would recommend the Underground 320mm Inspection Chamber Cover 110mm, however, if you are keener for the square option we also offer the Clark Drain CD456 Solid Top Manhole Cover 450 x 450mm. All the products are extremely durable, reliable and cost-effective meaning you can undertake the project without feeling like you are overspending or concerned about the longevity of the inspection chamber.

Why are inspection chambers important?

Inspection chambers provide a vital aspect of any underground drainage system as they allow professionals and homeowners to investigate blockages and problems that may arise. For instance, if mud or grim has blocked the drainage system this could lead to water overflowing or having no place to go and consequently flooding may occur. 

To prevent this, the inspection chamber provides the chance to use tools to remove any issues and ensure the system runs smoothly. You will likely want to install a few inspection chambers so that you can more efficiently locate problems.

If you have any questions regarding inspection chambers and their use, please contact the customer support team and they will be happy to provide you with further details and assistance.


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