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Bond It

Bond It is a popular manufacturer of sealants and silicone, a name that has been in the industry for 20 years and an expert in the building trade. Bond It is a reputable, highly recommended brand that provides top quality grab adhesives, sealants and wood treatment which can be used on a number of DIY and building jobs. Known for their high-performance sealants, adhesives, grouts, cleaners, foams, fillers and landscaping products, Bond It sealants are firmly on the map when it comes to the industry and proudly serve customers across the globe, providing sealants and silicone for both domestic and trade use.

Where can Bond It be used?

If you are looking to renovate the house, then Bond It sealants are the ideal choice. They are effective in several environments such as the kitchen, bedroom and even outside. In the kitchen and bathrooms, the sealants can be used to seal and waterproof baths, showers, sinks and any surface or area that is likely to experience damp conditions. This will prevent and cracks from growing or rot from festering.

Furthermore, Bond It provides a range of products aimed at protecting wooden floors. Wood treatments prevent damage from occurring, as they can be applied to timber and this will stop rot and decay from appearing or worsening. If you live in a home or work in construction then wood treatments will ensure that your door and window frames, as well as staircases and floors, are effectively preserved.

Finally, for large or small jobs, Bond It has produced high-grade adhesives which will be able to help. Whether you are bonding tiles to a wall or laying new flooring, Bond It is extremely effective at providing long term stickiness. There are a variety of products that come in different strengths and can all be found below.

Bond It is a world leader in the market of sealants and silicones and whatever project you are looking to undertake should be at the centre of it.


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