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Jointing Compounds

Patio jointing compound, also known as paving grouting, is a formula used to joint paving and fills the gaps between slabs. A further benefit of jointing compounds is that they are used to prevent the growth of weeds whilst also being used to construct patios, paths, and any other outdoor spaces around a home.

If you are keen to undertake a landscaping job then the use of paving jointing compounds is a necessity. This is also true of any professionals who are embarking on a commercial endeavor.

Which products can be found in the BC Profiles store?

Our online store is full of relevant jointing compounds and related products. We stock goods from respected brands such Azpects, Nexus, Sika and Everbuild. The range of compounds available can be used on several surfaces such as flagstones, cobbles, footpaths, and pavements amongst many others. These products are highly effective and cost-effective making them the ideal choice for your projects. Furthermore, they come in a variety of sizes which means you can budget responsibly depending on the size of the area.

Do you offer weatherproof options?

We offer a large selection of all-weather-proof jointing compounds that will guarantee protection when exposed to the toughest elements. Products like our SikaFastFix All Weather Jointing Compound contain Active Resin Technology which not only extends durability but means it can be applied in all weathers – even the rain!

What should I know before purchasing jointing compounds?

  • Figure out how easy it will be to apply the product to the surface. Luckily, the majority are very easy to use.
  • Is the compound all-weather ready? Will it be effective in cold and wintry months if you are using it in the summer?
  • Make sure the product is water permeable and that it will prevent puddles of water from forming.
  • Aesthetically you need to consider the colour of the jointing compounds and make sure that it fits with their surroundings.

If you have any questions regarding joint compounds please contact our help team and they will be able to provide further details and product recommendations.

What to look for in jointing compounds?

The thing to look out for when deciding on what jointing compound to use include:

  • Is it all-weather ready? Don’t just think about the weather on the date it’s been applied. Does the package make promises about working in more difficult conditions e.g., heavy rain, cold weather?
  • How easy is it to apply? Lots of our modern jointing compounds are fast and easy to apply as well as self-setting. This means that they don’t require any mixing.
  • Is the product water permeable? You want to make sure that the product is permeable so that you don’t suddenly get pools of water appearing on your surface. In colder weather, this can cause the surface to freeze and may make for hazardous terrain.
  • What colour is it? Nearly all our jointing compound products come in a variety of colours. Always be sure to take notice of the colour and to undertake a small patch test somewhere discrete beforehand so you can see the colour of the compounds once set.
  • How robust is the compound when set? If you’re using the compound in a heavily trafficked area, then you might require a jointing compound that is able to offer high strength performance. Surfaces where vehicles travel over such as a driveway or areas, you’re likely to power wash such as a patio, are examples of where high strength paving grout is more suitable.

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