Since 1992

Viva Sanitary

When it comes to toilet parts, Viva Sanitary are market leaders. From the initial concept to the final production, Viva Sanitary are heavily involved in every aspect of design and are extremely proud of the end result. With the consumer in mind, they rigorously test each product along the way so you can be sure it won’t let you down. So whether it’s a toilet repair or fresh installation we have the parts for you!

Take a look at our range of toilet cistern parts from Viva Sanitary where you’ll find close couple kits, connectors, float valves, waste traps and more! We also stock a whole range of other plumbing and waste pipe essentials so no need to shop around.

Why choose Viva Sanitary products?

As previously mentioned, they are industry frontrunners in the toiletry design space. They have achieved this through the development of numerous high-quality products over time but one of the key benefits is that their products and tools are easy to implement and will immediately make a difference. Whether it’s Sink Combination Waste (Square Overflow) or 300mm Flexible Hose, there is little stress involved in fitting them when repairing or upgrading your bathroom.

How are their products so innovative?

The brand has prided itself on preparing customers for every scenario and consequently have created products that excel in their role or are highly adaptable. The Magna Valve, for example, has been designed to detect foul smells and sewer gases. This means that when water needs to be discharged it will open but it will close if it senses foul liquids or gases. This level of innovation is only bettered by its adaptability as it can be fitted under skins, basins, bidets, baths and for larger construction jobs even urinals.

As an innovative and forward-thinking brand, you can trust Viva Sanitary to meet all of your needs and requests. If you are still concerned or want some advice? Then don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call where will be more than happy to help.


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