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Roofline Products

Making sure that your roof is watertight is one of the secrets to a safe and secure home or building. BC Profile’s roofline products will protect your property against the natural elements while ensuring a great finish that completes your build. As well as getting robust products for the build, it is essential to maintain your roof, fixing any damage as it happens. Keeping your roof in good working order is important to the integrity of the roof, but it is also important to preserve and maintain the property and its contents below. Monitor your roof for damage by watching out for signs, such as flaking wood, blistered paintwork or rust and watermarks. If you’re not sure what you need to build, repair or maintain your roofline, check out the BC Profiles Roofing Guide.

  • Breathable Roofing Membrane

    Breathable roofing membrane is a product that helps to prevent common issues with roofs, such as water penetration. Breathable roofing...
  • Easy Trim Verge U - Starter & End Cap (pack of 2) - Grey

    Dry Roofing

    If you are looking to create an attractive finish to your roof whilst offering security to your roof then you...
  • Bond It Felt Adhesive - 5 Litre

    Felt & Membrane

    A breathable roofing membrane is a product that helps to prevent common issues with roofs, such as water penetration. Breathable...
  • Easy-Trim Lead R Smooth 300mm x 5m

    Lead Substitute

    Lead substitute is a material used as an alternative to lead. It can be used to bond brickwork and roof...
  • Bond It Sealacryl One Coat Roof Repair 5kg - Grey

    Roof Repair

    Roof sealer and roofing sealant paint is used to renovate roofing and offers waterproof protection against rain and wet weather...
  • uPVC Fascia Boards

    uPVC Fascia Boards

    Fascia boards are attached to the bottom part of the roof trusses and allow builders to bridge the gap between...
  • uPVC Guttering and Downpipe

    uPVC Guttering and Downpipe

    uPVC guttering and downpipe is the modern, more lightweight and cost-effective alternative to expensive metal guttering that is prone to...

We’re here to help!

Roofline essentials comprise of a number of products, required to construct a highly durable, long lasting roofline for a property.

Fascia Boards & Soffits - uPVC fascia boards are installed along the lower edge of the roof, just underneath the guttering. This allows the air to flow in and out of the roof and prevents condensation from forming. These work in conjunction with soffit vents and are an essential element of roofline construction.

Guttering and Downpipe - uPVC guttering and downpipes are required in the removal of rainwater from the property. Proper installation of gutters and drainpipes along the roofline is essential in preventing pooling of rainwater, which can cause damp in the roof. uPVC guttering and downpipe is a long lasting alternative to cast iron and offers high durability too. Our range includes the essentials needed for an effective guttering system, including brackets, clips, downpipes and offset bends.

Dry Roofing - Dry roofing is a type of roof construction that doesn’t require the use of mortar. The system utilises dry ridge systems which fix together to form a solid, long lasting roof. Revent codes of practice have highlighted that mortar is insufficient in securing roof tiles to a high standard. Dry roofing allows you to quickly and simply construct a long lasting, highly durable roof system.

Roof Sheets & Glazing Bars - Our roofing sheets and glazing bars are a highly durable alternative to glass roofs. Made using a high strength plastic, installing clear roof sheets as opposed to pure glass can create a more safe and secure roofing solution. As well as glass roofs, our roofing sheets, corrugated roof sheets and glazing bars can also be used to construct skylights, canopies, shelters, porches and greenhouses.

Lead Substitute - Lead substitute is exactly what the name states, a substitute to regular lead products. Lead is a commonly used material for a number of applications, mainly roofing construction. Lead has many disadvantages, including its toxicity. It can also put added stress on the rest of the roofline due to its heavy weight. Lead substitute is an effective alternative that offers a number of benefits to the regular material.

At BC Profiles, we offer everything you need to replace and repair your roofline products including upvc fascia boards, breathable roofing membrane, roof shingles, guttering, downpipe and more. If you are repairing a roof, read our blog on dealing with storm damage to your property. Alternatively, we also have a helpful guide on how to build a flat roof on our blog.


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