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When you need to get a job done well, then pick up one of our adhesive products. With a gripping range on offer, you can count on stickability. Our adhesives meet many different construction needs, from tile bonding to wall and floor projects. We stock brands including Everbuild, Siroflex and Bond It and our adhesives come in different strengths, from grab adhesives to super glues and contact adhesives. Perfect for both small and large domestic jobs or huge commercial projects.

  • Contact Adhesive

    Contact adhesives are great for jobs that need a fast-drying solution. Applied to either one or both surfaces to be...
  • Bond It Gripbond Pro Hybrid Sealant 310ml - White

    Grab Adhesives

    Grab adhesive is an effective high strength glueing agent, designed to bond or offer adhesion for any number of surfaces...
  • Plasterboard

    Plasterboard, which can also be known as drywall, wall panels and wallboard. is an important material for building projects with...
  • Siroflex Superglue 20gm

    Superglues and Activators

    Including some of the most famous glue brands in the world, our superglue and activator range will get your job...
  • Bond It Rapid-Flex Tile Adhesive 20kg - Grey

    Tile Adhesives

    Tile adhesive is used to secure and seal tiles to walls and floors. Effective bonding is essential to prevent tiles...
  • Wet Room System

    Creating your wet room? BC Profiles have got everything you need to transform your space into the latest world in...

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