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Siroflex sealants is a high quality, high strength bonding agent, available in a range of colours and variants at BC Profiles. Whatever your sealant needs may be, you will find a product from Siroflex adhesive for the job. Since 1994, the brand has been offering its range of high-quality products alongside its dedication to the very best customer service. Siroflex sealants are one of the world's largest producers of sealants and adhesives and at BC Profiles, you will find a number of products from this well-known brand.

Choose from a selection of silicone, sealants, adhesives, expanding foam, cleaner and more from Siroflex in our store. We currently stock the Mighty Strength Grip and Grab, Building Silicone, Painters Caulk It and more within our Siroflex sealant range so you can find the right type of sealant for your needs. We also stock cleaners from the brand, including, solvent cleaner, glass and cream cleaner.

What sets Siroflex apart from the competition?

A large part of Siroflex’s reputation and success comes from its ability to produce a range of products that cater to different groups. There are options for homeowners as well as those in construction. Certain products in our store are useful for large scale projects and smaller household jobs. For instance, sealants and adhesives will bond with damp surfaces and are resistant to UV, water and weather damage. These are equally as practical on a building site as they are in a bathroom.

However, the brand has also products that have the homeowner in mind. Some options are usable in the food preparation area, whilst others are almost odourless. Additionally, certain ranges are ideal for fixing damage around the house, such as loose tiles or window frames.

Conversely, they have also excelled at creating options for larger scale and industrial projects. Such as creating an effective bonding for brick slips and cladding. Additionally, the brands offer goods that are usable on multiple surfaces such as glass, wood, enamel and many more.

Siroflex continues to be a market leader due to its range of options that we are confident will meet your needs. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

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