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BC Profiles has got your plumbing requirements covered, whether you’re undertaking a DIY home repair project or embarking on a multi-million-pound commercial development. Our plumbing stock ensures that you will have everything that you need to get the job done and our pipes and pipe fittings are built to last. We understand the importance of getting waste water away from a property and our pipe and pipe products can withstand the heaviest of usage. Reliable, robust and reasonable, at BC Profiles we stock everything needed to construct a drainage system, including, plumbing pipes, waste pipe fittings, flexi connectors and much more.

  • Viva Sanitary Skylo (Bottom & Side Entry) Black Concealed Cistern

    Concealed Cisterns

    Concealed cisterns are a great solution for the modern bathroom and they are as useful in a domestic project as...
  • Viva Sanitary Medium Flexible Pan Connector (240mm-500mm)

    Pan Connectors

    Toilet pan connectors are fitted to the rear of the toilet, connecting to the waste pipe to create an effective...
  • 2" Close Couple Kit (Flat Plate)

    Spares & Accessories

    Whether it’s a replacement for an existing plumbing project or a good-to-have spare, BC Profile’s range of extras and accessories...
  • Viva Sanitary Skylo Side Entry Fill Valve (½" UK)

    Toilet Fill Valves

    Fill valves are essential to a fully working waste system in the home. Designed to fill the bowl upon flushing,...
  • Viva Sanitary Skylo Dual Flush Valve (Long Cable)

    Toilet Flush Valves

    A flush valve is an integral part of a home waste system, allowing the control of water once the toilet...

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