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Damp Proof Course & Membrane

What is a Damp Proof Membrane?

A damp proof membrane or DPM for short is a form of membrane material that helps to prevent dampness and ingress into your property through capillary action. You commonly see DPM located underneath concrete flooring to stop any moisture from getting to it. 

You can also install a DPM above concrete in walls in combination with a damp proof course (also known as a DPC). Using a DPM is one of the best waterproofing solutions available for your property.

A damp proof membrane is made from plastic, which means it can protect against any moisture and the surface is formed into a stud formation, allowing a gap for air to enable water to evaporate. 

What is a Damp Proof Course?

An effective damp proof course is just as vital for your property as a damp proof membrane. The DPC prevents rising damp from the ground from running up walls and damaging the property, if your property does not have a DPC or a damaged DPC then the excess moisture can affect plaster and decorations throughout the house, and even result in wet or dry rot to the timbers. 

A majority of properties today will have a DPC installed at a minimum of 150mm above ground level, and they appear as a mortar course with a bitumen or a plastic DPC sheet poking through it. A damp proof course is required in all new build properties due to building regulations. 

Product highlights

Some of our product highlights from our damp proof course and membrane range at BC Profiles include:

  • 450 x 30m Damp Proof Course- A damp proof course made from 100% recycled polythene that conforms to British Standards. This product is suitable for use in brick, stone, and concrete walls. 
  • 4m x 25m Damp Proof Membrane- This DPM with 1200 gauge is typically used within building foundations and is highly durable, as well as easy to install. 

  • If you have any questions regarding damp proofing then read our guide to damp proofing your property or if you have any queries regarding the products then don’t hesitate to contact our BC Profiles support team so they can answer any questions you may have. 

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