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Torches and Lights

We supply a range of LED work lights and site lights designed for illumination on project areas. Can be used both internally or externally, our range includes head torches for light on the move, alongside site lights for large-scale task areas.

BC Profiles stock a wide variety of torches and lights that are perfect for whatever you need whether you need it in an industrial or domestic setting. Our stock includes diverse options such as traditionally designed torches with powerful lumen outputs to headgear with in-built LED lights. So what are the best type of options you can purchase in our online store?


We offer a great number of different flashlights in a variety of materials. Flashlights come in aluminium or with super durable polycarbonate and rubber housing to keep the user safe. They have LED flashlights with will provide enough light to brighten up any area. Whilst some are battery powered, you may prefer our rechargeable options.


Sometimes, especially in winter, you may be required to work in the dark and having to buy large scale lighting can be extremely expensive. Therefore, to keep your hands free but your workspace well lit, we recommend one of our state of the art LED beanies. They have an inbuilt LED light with a dimming feature for longevity. You can also choose from a range of colours. The added benefit of a beanie is that it also keeps your head warm.

Head Torch

The head torch acts as an alternative to the beanie, as it will allow you to work with both hands as well as work at night or in darker settings. A head torch could be a preferable option for working during the spring or summer to prevent over-heating. Moreover, our range also includes very safe options with gas release valves and safety locking battery compartments to ensure they can be used in the most hazardous of environments.

Work Lights

Most commonly used for larger-scale projects work or site lights provide huge amounts of visibility. This can be particularly useful on a site or if you are working in a group. The light illuminates the area making working easier. BC Profiles has a large range of waterproof work lights.


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