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Superglues and Activators

Including some of the most famous glue brands in the world, our superglue and activator range will get your job done in seconds. Perfect for precision jobs or quick fix tasks around the home, our superglues come in all shapes and sizes. Working well on their own or kickstarted into adhesion by an activator, superglue is a helping hand when you need to take action but deliver a long-lasting result.

What are superglues and activators?

Superglues also known as cyanoacrylates, are a group of quickly performing adhesives that can be used in medical and industrial settings as well as in households. They have some minor toxicity but when used can quickly create exceptionally long-lasting and strong bonds.

Super glue is particularly created to form strong bonds on substances such as metal, ceramic, leather, rubber, vinyl, plastics and other similar surfaces. If you need a better hold on other surfaces then you can gently use sandpaper to rough the surface which will help create a better bond.

Unlike other glues, superglues create the bond with other materials extremely quickly making them ideal for DIY or large scale tasks. Whilst the product works more effectively in warmer climates or indoors, it can still be durable and long-lasting in external and colder conditions. Furthermore, the activator element of products is perfect for reducing odours and blooming.

Do BC Profiles stock superglue?

Yes, we do! Our online shop has 14 products related to superglue for well-respected brands such as Bond It, Demsum, Gorilla and Everbuild. Furthermore, we also offer products in a variety of sizes such as the Bond It Super Activator 400ml which is also available in 200ml. If you are unsure about the volume of superglue needed or which one would be most effective for your surface please contact our customer service department and they will be able to point you in the right direction with advice and recommendations.

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