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Roof Repair

Roof sealer and roofing sealant paint is used to renovate roofing and offers waterproof protection against rain and wet weather conditions. This helps to prevent leakage which could lead to damp and other damage to the property and surrounding roof structure.

BC Profiles a various brands of roof repair, offering instant waterproof solutions that can help remedy failing flat roofs or emergency leaks in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings. Brands sold online by us include only the very highest-quality ingredients and have strong reputations for reliability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use.

Our roof repair coatings and sealer are often applied just as one-coat and can be used in damp and dry weather conditions, so whatever the weather, you’ll be able to react to a leak quickly. Our range includes a variety of different roofing repair colours such as grey, white, black, slate, and clear.

What should I look for in a roof coating?

There are certain elements and benefits you should keep an eye out for when choosing a roof repair sealer or sealant, such as:

  • Can the sealant be applied in most weather conditions?
  • Does the sealant often instant protection without any long drying times?
  • Does it provide solar reflectivity?
  • Is it unaffected by temperate so it can be easily stored?
  • Is it easy to apply and flexible to use?
  • Does it offer strong adhesive (so it won’t be instantly removed by weather or wear)?

What types of roofing can I use roof sealer and sealant on?

Many of our roof repair products can be used on multiple roofing elements including roofing felt, gutters, slate, lead, fibreglass, metal, glasshouses, corrugated asbestos, flashing and asphalt.

Can I use roof repair products on a flat roof?

Most of our roof sealants and sealers can be used on both flat and pitched roofs.

How do I apply roof coatings, sealants, and sealer?

These products can be applied either using a roller or a brush. You should avoid attempting to thin the product as that will yield poor results.

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