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Plasterboard, which can also be known as drywall, wall panels and wallboard. is an important material for building projects with most professionals relying upon it to help build and renovate homes.

Plasterboard is a panel created by calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum) often pushed between a facer and a backer. Plasterboard is used to assist professionals to meet regulations for fire protection and thermal efficiency. Plasterboard also has the benefit of helping control condensation and damage in humid conditions.

When should I use plasterboard?

The principal use of plasterboard is to construct wall linings or ceilings. This can range from commercial properties such as shops to domestic settings like houses and flats. Traditionally plasterboard was used internally however some brands have developed plasterboard that can also be used externally.

Plasterboard is an important element to add to your home. Not only does it provides stability but it offers a smooth finish for walls which makes them easier to paint. Furthermore, it is very light and can be fitted and applied very easily. Finally, if you need to meet building regulations such as fire, moisture or acoustic regulations then plasterboard is a convenient way of doing this.

Are there different types of plasterboard?

There are a few categories that plasterboard can fall into which include fire performance plasterboard, acoustic or sound performance, thermal performance, impact resistance focused plasterboard as well as moisture and vapour plasterboard. These are mostly for internal use however there are weather defence plasterboards which are suitable for external environments such as the outside of a house. In our store, we offer a number of products which can support your plastering needs such as Everbuild Pink Grip Dry Fix FR 750ml.

If you have concerns about plasterboard or any questions about the application of plasterboards please contact our customer support team who will be happy to provide you with some recommendations and advice.  Our customer service team can be contacted via our website and they have all the professional knowledge to make your commercial or domestic job much easier.

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