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Window Fixings and Screws

Here at BC Profiles, we offer a wide range of window fixings and screws. Whether you’re looking for concrete fixings or woodscrews, we’ll have something for you. Plus, with varying lengths available, we’re able to cater to a wide range of needs. Take a look at our full collection of window fixings and screws below to find the ones you need.

What are screws?

Screws can cover a range of items which are fasteners that have a threaded shaft and can be used to attach materials and provide stability. There are a variety of different types of screws such as wood screws, self-topping screws and machine screws which are often confused with bolts.

Most commonly screws need friction to securely fasten and successfully provide stability. People use screws in a variety of projects whether it’s assembling furniture, larger-scale construction work or fitting lighting fixtures. Whatever your project there will be a screw that is best suited to it and it is for this reason that it is important to purchase the correct type.

What are window fixings?

Whilst screws can be used in many parts of the home, for windows you will require a product specifically designed to deal with the demands of window frames. In this case, you may require window fixings that have a unique design. These window fixings can be used on several surfaces such as concrete and other types of masonry.

What products do BC Profiles stock?

Here at BC Profiles, we stock a number of window fixings and screws. In our store, you will be able to find products from Thunderbolt, Woodscrews and Simpsons Strong-Tie. The products are used both inside and outside, with Simpsons Strong-Tie offering screws that are LDST coated making them weather resistant.

If you haven’t purchased screws before or need some advice on the best type of screws or window fixings to buy for a certain project it is important to do some personal research and then contact a professional for help. In this case, you can contact the team at BC Profiles and they will be able to make recommendations and offer guidance on the products you need.

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