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Black Jack bitumen paint is a weatherproof paint, often used to provide a protective membrane against damp. Bitumen paint is a solvent-based paint that helps to protect steelwork, wood, concrete, and water tanks. This quick drying substance can also help to fix a leaking roof and can act as a bonding agent for roof felt.

Bitumen is an ideal substance for exterior projects as its flexibility means that it can allow roofing felts to bend in most temperatures. Importantly, bitumen also sticks to most surfaces once dry and blinded with sand.

Such is the popularity of bitumen that nearly 90% of the total road network contains bitumen in it!

At BC Profiles we offer several different types of bitumen for different use cases. We have bitumen specifically designed to act as an adhesive, bitumen primer and paint, bitumen with solar reflective properties for usage in environments with higher levels of sunshine, felt adhesive, bitumen for bonding chippings to foods and much more.

How is bitumen made?

Bitumen is created via the crude oil distillation process whether light crude oil materials (like diesel or gasoline) are removed and what’s left behind is the heavier bitumen product. This process is repeated several times to produce a purer product and then it’s adapted with other chemicals depending on what it’s end use is. Bitumen has been in production for nearly over 40,000 years with its early usage as an adhesive found by archaeologists.

Can bitumen be used to waterproof flooring?

Yes. Some of our rubberised bitumen dries in sandwich constructions and acts as an effective damp-proof membrane. It can be used in conjunction with products like green concrete, wood mosaic panels, cork panels, plaster, insulation boards, wood blocks and expanded polystyrene.

Can I use bitumen on roofing?

Yes. There are bitumen products especially designed for providing high performance, weatherproof usage on roofing made from:

  • Asphalt
  • Felt
  • Iron
  • Slate
  • Lead
  • Tin
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Cement

These bitumen products are ideal in that they are resistant to high and low temperatures without cracking and can be coated over with paint for a nicer aesthetic appearance. Always check the instructions on the tin to make sure the bitumen product is designed for the application you require.

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