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Manhole Covers

A manhole cover might just be one of the most important purchases that you make – and we have the right manhole cover for your job.

BC Profiles manhole covers are strong, durable and stocked in a range of sizes, shapes and materials to perfectly fit your problematic hole. We supply manhole covers in several materials, including pressed steel and recycled but very strong black polypropylene. BC Profile’s manhole covers are watertight but also airtight, which prevents malodorous smells from escaping from the drains below.

What is a manhole?

Manholes are sometimes confused with inspection chambers however they serve a different purpose. Whereas an inspection chamber is only large enough for cameras and equipment to enter and inspect the area, manholes allow individuals, themselves, to enter the space.

Manholes are used as an access point for underground vaults or pipes and prevent regular people from falling in or unauthorized people from entering and potentially causing damage.

What are manholes made of?

The majority of manhole covers are made from hard materials, with cast iron and concrete being the most popular choices. In some cases, you will find that some manhole covers are made of both. These materials are used as they offer a great deal of protection due to their weight. The weight prevents footfall or cars from causing problems as well as making it difficult for people to enter and lift the manhole cover.

The materials used are also inexpensive. However, in some cases, alternatives such as glass-reinforced plastic or composite materials are preferred particularly if they have greater slip resistance and insulation characteristics for electricity. To lift heavy manhole covers, the designers will usually include picking holes, which allow handles to slot into the cover and make the removal of the cover much easier.

If you want to know more about manhole covers and need recommendations on which type of manhole cover will best suit your project, then you can contact our help team and they will be able to provide you with assistance in a friendly and efficient manner.


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