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Cromar manufactures a number of building products for professional and domestic use including waterproofing, expanding foam, wood treatments and lead substitutes. From Creotreat, designed to treat and stain wooden fences to Cromapol, a fibre-free acrylic roof coating, you will find several Cromar building products available at BC Profiles. Cromar has been offering its range of building supplies since the brand was first established in 1997 and is a reputable name within the industry, providing customers with exceptional quality and service.

Within the Cromar range, you will find a number of waterproofing products, designed to minimise the chance of damp occurring in the home. Read our guide on how to damp proof for tips on keeping your property free from the effects of damp.

What makes Cromar different from other brands?

Cromar offers exceptional service to businesses throughout the UK and Ireland and prides itself on having better flexibility than its rivals due to their independent nature. Whilst many companies are amid mergers which can lead to a downfall in supplies, Cromar has used its independence to offer greater flexibility to its customers and is more easily able to adapt and fit their client’s demands. Their model has proven to be successful with a turnover of £27 million.

Research & Development

Cromar has highlighted its research and development as the key reason for its success in recent years. With huge amounts of investment placed into this area to provide customers with the best possible outcome. Additionally, the company enjoys listening to its customers and using their feedback to continuously improve.


Consumers have a long-standing trust in Cromar which has been built through their positive experiences but also the knowledge that the company is officially accredited. Their roofing products have BBA approvable as well as having the complete CE marking on all building silicones and admixtures.


Cromar believes in British manufacturing and hence 70% of all products are manufactured at Whitley Bridge, near Google and just off the M62. This makes it easier for our team to transport goods to buyers every day. Additionally, our machinery is regularly upgraded to ensure that the plant is highly efficient and can meet our consumer’s demands with delays.

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