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Expanding Foam

Expanding foam and expanding foam guns are effective at filling gaps and holes around the home in an instant. If you need to fill a hole in the wall or gaps between pipes, door frames or joints, expanding foam and spray foam fill is an essential for any domestic, commercial, or industrial job.

Expanding foam guns are extremely easy to use and apply foam, resulting in higher yield and better results. Our range of expanding foam comes from the most reputable and trusted manufacturers of expanding foam including Bond It, Cromar, Everbuild and Siroflex.

Our foams provide reliable adhesion to surfaces and filling capabilities. Several our foams also have the benefit of providing additional thermal retention and acoustical insultation which can not only create a better atmosphere but can reduce energy wastage.

Our variety of foams boast additional benefits such as being mould proof, over paintable and waterproof, adding welcome protection to your project. Furthermore, we stock expanding foam that doesn’t use propellant gases that could be considered harmful to the ozone layer or environment.

What is expanding foam good for?

Expanding foam is useful for sealing and insulating cracks, gaps, and holes instantly. The expanding nature of the foam means that it can be used in tight or difficult to get to spaces where it might be hard to apply filler with a brush. As the foam is applied, it is expanding, filling out the target space rapidly.

Where should you not use expanding foam?

You should avoid using expanding foam on the following areas:

  • Too close to electrical boxes. The foam could interfere with the parts inside the box and could cause a fire risk.
  • Closed-cavity spaces. The foam is useful for targeting tight areas, but you shouldn’t push the limits of this. Expanding foam shouldn’t be applied in very tight closed cavity spaces like between studs in walls or brick exteriors. Injection foam is preferable for these areas.
  • In properties where residents have asthma or respiratory problems. Expanding foam whilst robustly tested and safe, can cause an adverse reaction with individuals who have severe breathing problems. If there is someone who is at high risk of respiratory issues, you should opt for a different solution.