Since 1992


Sika boasts over a century of waterproofing experience, creating its first waterproofing product back in 1910 by the founder - Kaspar Winkler. The company’s products have been sold in over 100 countries worldwide and are one of the most popular waterproofing brands in the industry.

Sika's waterproofing solutions help protect against unwanted water and dampness across residential, industrial, and commercial projects and operate in some of the world's most challenging environments. 

Because of this, Sika products are used from the smallest DIY projects through to the largest construction projects globally. Sika has earned a reputation as offering some of the most reliable, effective, and high-quality waterproofing products internationally.

Sika provide a large range and variety of waterproofing products for both indoor and outdoor projects. 

BC Profiles sells the Sika waterproofing range including silicone sealant, jointing compound, injectocream, wood floor adhesive, grout, concrete crack repair, mortar repair, flood sanitiser, waterproof coating and many more.

Who are Sika?

As mentioned, Sika are a 100+ year old chemical company based in Switzerland specialising in waterproofing products for damping, sealing, bonding, and protecting. Sika products are used globally and available to both the consumer DIY market and trade. 

Sika's reputation for high quality and reliable results has meant that it's become one of the most reputable and trusted waterproofing systems across the world.

Which Sika product to use?

What Sika product to pick depends on the job you're undertaking. Sika has a wide variety of products that are best suited for specific results, applications, and environments. 

If you're in doubt about which Sika product is best to use for your job, feel free to contact us via phone or social media and a member of our team will be happy to make a recommendation.

How to use Sika waterproofing?

How to use your Sika waterproofing product depends on the individual product guidance and instructions. Please read the instructions thoroughly before using the product to guarantee the best results.

Where to buy Sika?

You can buy Sika waterproofing products online from Below, you can see all the waterproofing products we currently have in stock. If you're unable to find a specific item, please contact our customer service team and they will be able to help.


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