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Cleaners & Sealers

The BC Profiles store is full of incredible products that can protect your home against a variety of different issues whether that is grime, dirt, rust or general blemishes. Within our store, you will be able to find any solution to your problems due to our robust range of sealers, cleaners and much more.

What type of cleaners can be found at BC Profiles?

Cleaners are needed when a surface such as stone or metal has become stained due to damage. This could be interior damage such as spills or external weather-related issues. Consequently, we offer cleaners that can undertake many problems. For example, we stock the LTP Ferrex Rust Remover Stone Cleaner, which can remove rust that develops when natural stones come into contact with rainwater and oxidisation occurs. A solution has been created to remove these blemishes.

Conversely, if you are seeking an alternative way to clean stone and concrete, then the Azpect Easy Masonry cleaner can help. This non-solvent, non-acid cleaner is ideal for removing natural soiling from porous buildings and revitalising the aesthetic of the stone or concrete. It can be particularly effective on garden ornaments or headstones due to the highly grassy nature of these areas.

What type of sealers can be found?

Unlike cleaners which retroactively solve problems, sealers are needed to proactively prevent any water or dirt from damaging a surface. In many cases, you can find water-based sealers that are invisible aesthetically meaning neighbours and guests wouldn’t even know it was there. One such example is the Nexus Pro 820 Eco-Paving Sealer, which can be used on porcelain, natural stone and concrete. This means it is equally effective in a bathroom as it is in a garden or on a driveway. It impregnates the surface to protect against water penetration and staining and can be used throughout the year.

We have a range of additional solutions which can solve grime or algae problems as well, so if you have any questions please contact the BC Profiles team and they will be happy to offer you advice.


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