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Solvent Weld Waste Pipe and Fittings

Solvent weld pipes are used to join together two pieces of pipe to help construct a drainage system. Solvent weld pipes are connected using solvent cement to create a long-lasting, permanent drainage solution. At BC Profiles, we stock everything you need to build a long-lasting solvent weld pipe drain, including bends, couplings, clips, reducers and more. Available with same day dispatch when ordered before 1 pm.

Why are drainage systems important?

Every home or building needs a drainage system, which is especially important if you live in a particularly wet country. Drainage systems help transport water carefully from one area to another. There are a variety of drainage systems such as underground and surface drainage systems. Each of these is necessary as they prevent water from either building up and causing damage to surfaces or buildings, as well as preventing water from falling uncontrolled which could ruin gardens and driveways as well as create hazardous conditions.

Why choose BC Profiles for your pipes and fittings?

All the products sold on our site are highly competitive and cost-effective. For instance, the Solvent Waste 45 Deg Bend 32mm costs only £1.18. Furthermore, we offer these fixtures in both black and white meaning you have a choice of how you want your drainage system to look aesthetically. In addition, all our items are highly durable and long-lasting as well as weather resistant. This means once they have been fitted you won’t need to worry about them for many years.

If you have any other questions about solvent weld waste pipes and fittings and how they can help support your drainage system please contact our helpful team who can offer support. They will also be able to offer product recommendations and instructions on how best to approach the project.


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