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Tile Adhesives

Tile adhesive is used to secure and seal tiles to walls and floors. Effective bonding is essential to prevent tiles from coming loose. Applying tile adhesive or tile sealer will also help to prevent moisture build up between the wall/floor and the tile for longer lasting tiles.

BC Profiles stock Bond It and Everbuild tile adhesives for domestic, commercial, and industrial use. Our range comes in various quantities such as 5kg bags of tile adhesive for smaller domestic projects up to 20kg bags, ideal and more cost-effective for trade projects. We provide a variety of different types of tile adhesive including:

Fix and grout adhesive

Ready mixed tile adhesive that is water resistant meaning it can be applied straight away. This adhesive is also suitable for grouting which means that you don’t need to buy grout separately. Look for adhesive that is compressible and as such, allows for slight thermal movement, especially if being applied in areas like bathroom or shower walls where hot water is likely to increase the room temperature.

Wet room adhesive system

We provide full wet room system tanking kits that provide everything you need to waterproof a wet room or tiled shower. Designed specifically for protecting against water and excessive moisture, this kit is made up of primer, membrane, tanking tape, and drain mat.

Waterproof membrane adhesive

Waterproof membranes like our Aquaseal Waterproof Tanking Membrane product are a 2-coat system applied by brush. The paint provides a permanently and flexible watertight membrane for floors and walls as preparation for tiling.

Anti-slip tile adhesive

Non-slip tile adhesive provides excellent grip properties meaning that spacers and battens are often not required. Extra strong adhesion makes it an excellent product from amateur DIY tilers and professionals alike.

Rapid setting tile adhesive

Setting in 2-3 hours, rapid setting tile adhesive allows tiling to commence quickly as to make the project more efficient and effective. Ideal for bonding to brickwork, concrete, sand screeds and primed wooden surfaces.

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