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Onduline produce top-quality roofing products, including roofing shingles, tiles, and strip roll, manufacturing reliable, long-lasting products that allow you to build a durable, waterproof roof. Onduline roofing sheets are lightweight sheets that are available in a choice of colours so you can find the right shade for your needs. Whether you are carrying out a domestic or professional job, Onduline roof products will help you create a long-lasting shelter for your building.

Need more info on installing shingles? Read our guide on how to fit roof shingles for helpful tips and advice on using Onduline roofing sheets.

What do Onduline offer?

Onduline has a huge global footprint, with a presence in over 100 countries and their high-quality aesthetics waterproofing solutions have provided customers with strong and long-lasting results. The product range offered by the company includes cladding systems, roof lighting and waterproofing. Products included in these categories include Bitumen roof tiles, a waterproofing membrane for flat roofs as well as Isoline, a high performing underlying system for clay tile roofs. Additionally, there are also transparent and opaque solutions for roofing and cladding and the Onduline System which was the original and exceptional lightweight roofing system.

Where can you use Onduline products?

Due to the flexible nature of Onduline’s products they can be used in a variety of spaces. This means you can purchase the products whether you are building or repairing domestic settings such as large and small houses, or retail settings such as restaurants and shops. They can even be used on larger scale construction projects such as leisure centres or industrial buildings.

Do they have good customer service?

Onduline offer excellent customer service, with a committed and honest support team who will consistently provide you with market-leading help. With an online portal that you can raise a question them on as well as a separate email address and a support phone number, there are numerous ways to reach the company.

With 80 years of experience and trust in the market, Onduline is an excellent option when considering purchasing products for any project in the future.


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