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Easy Trim Verge U - Universal Dry Verge (Grey)


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What is a roof verge?

A roof verge is a section where the tiles on a roof end and this section meets the gable. Historically, people will fix a roof verge system with mortar, in order to achieve a water and weatherproof system. 

What is a dry verge?

As opposed to a typical roof verge, a dry verge system instead uses caps or verges that lock together and clip over the edge of the roofing tiles. This protects and secures the roof, whilst weatherproofing and stopping pests from infesting the roof space. 

What are the benefits of a dry verge system? 

As we know, typical roof verges, which are the outer ends of a tiled roof at the gable ends,  are fixed with mortar, which is also known as a wet verge. Mortar is used to weather and waterproof the roof, and to also stop the ingress of pests and insects into the roofing space. 

Unfortunately, the issue with using mortar is that it is not very durable, cracks can form in mortar due to thermal expansion, and over time bad weather causes the mortar to deteriorate Due to this fault, you have to constantly maintain a wet verge system with methods such as repointing in order to ensure your roofing system is adequate. 

In comparison to wet verge systems, a dry verge system is manufactured using plastic, which in turn provides durability and requires much less maintenance. The plastic dry verge systems can provide a modern, clean, and attractive aesthetic to your home which will contribute to the selling value of your property. 

About Verge U

Easy Trim’s Verge U product range is easy to install, easy to maintain, and can be used with a majority of tile types. We also sell ridge caps from Easy Trim, which use an innovative technology called “FlapCap” which provides unique flexibility and is designed to contour around a unit from the Verge U range to create a sealed unit. This sealed unit prevents water ingress and infestation from pests. 

If you have any questions in regards to our Verge U range, please feel free to contact our BC Profiles Customer Support Team and we’ll be happy to answer.

Also available in brown, black and terracotta to match your roof tiles.

Easy Trim Verge U - Universal Dry Verge (brown)

Easy Trim Verge U - Universal Dry Verge (black)

Easy Trim Verge U - Universal Dry Verge (terracotta)

You could also read our guide on How To Install Easy Trim Verge U over on our blog

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