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Cromar Cromapol FAQs

Posted on 22 June, 2021

Looking to change-up or repair your roof? Then you’ll most likely need the help of an acrylic waterproofer such as Cromar Cromapol. But what exactly is this product – and how do you use it? 

To get you up to speed and help keep your roof well-sealed, we’ve answered some need-to-know questions in our detailed Cromar Cromapol FAQs below. 


What is Cromapol?

Cromapol is a liquid acrylic resin that’s fibre reinforced and dispersed in a solvent that completely stops moisture entering the material. Thanks to the high level of fibres within Cromapol, this resin has a one-coat-only application that provides waterproof protection in an instant. 


How do you apply Cromapol?

Cromapol can be applied easily using a brush, roller or a squeegee. For best results, it’s recommended that you apply Cromapol to a dry surface, however, it will tolerate damp surfaces too.


How long does Cromapol take to dry?

Cromapol is specifically designed to dry fast, and you’ll find that generally, the resin takes around 72 hours to dry in colder conditions or 24 hours in warm conditions. This is also dependant on the thickness of the application as well as the temperature at the time of application. It’s recommended that Cromapol is used in temperatures between 5℃ and 25℃. 


How long should you leave Cromapol between coats?

Though, generally speaking, only one coat of Cromapol is needed, you can apply further coats. Leave the first coat 72 hours to dry in cold temperatures or 24 hours if the weather is warmer. 


Can you paint over Cromapol?

As Cromapol never actually fully cures and hardens, it’s unsuitable for painting over and walking upon. 


Can Cromapol be used on lead?

Cromapol can be used on lead, though it is recommended that it be used for smaller or emergency repair work rather than a full repair or sealing job.


Can you apply Cromapol onto solar reflective paint?

Cromapol is suitable for application over solar reflective paint, simply brush away any flaking paint and dirt with a stiff-bristled brush first before applying.


Is Cromapol compatible with liquid rubber?

Cromapol is not compatible with liquid rubber; remove the rubber first before applying the liquid acrylic resin.


Can Cromapol be applied to copper?

Cromapol can be applied to copper, but due to the material oxidising, the surface must first be thoroughly cleaned and scuffed. 


Can Cromapol be used to seal a fish pond?

Cromapol should not be used to seal a fish pond as the acrylic resin is harmful to fish. 


Can you apply Cromapol to a steel sheeting roof?

If applying o a standing seam steel sheet then a standard bituminous primer will need to be used first, however, if it’s a composite steel sheeting roof Cromapol can be applied directly to the material.



You can also find further roof sealer and repair products on our store, with a range of roof care available for various projects. If you are you on the lookout for further up-to-date product information and DIY advice, browse our BC Profiles blog page for more!


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