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100% SATISFACTION Guaranteed
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100% SATISFACTION Guaranteed
discounts across all ranges

How to Landscape your Garden to Increase Property Value

When it comes to getting your house priced, attention generally tends to flock to improving the property’s interior. This is understandable, after all, it’s where people will be residing the most. However, what good is a beautiful home if it’s overshadowed by a dreary garden? Show the potential of buzzing garden parties or a chilled-out, […]

Patio Jointing Compound FAQs

Jointing your paving is a task that’s easy enough to undertake on your own, but as with anything, questions do crop up.  BC profiles have responded by comprising this concise overview of frequently asked questions surrounding jointing compounds, allowing you to carry out the grouting process with confidence.  How do you use patio jointing compound? […]

Low Profile Drainage Channels FAQ

Drainage channels are true to their name since their main purpose is to drain rainwater away from paths, driveways and patios. Stagnant pools of water can lead to potential damage to these areas, and can even cause damage around the home if the water reaches the property.  To prevent any water damage from occurring, get […]

Above Ground Drainage FAQs

When addressing drainage issues and exploring solutions, it’s best to know exactly what you can and can’t do, as well as which products are best suited to the job at hand.  To help, the BC Profiles experts have answered your FAQs on above-ground drainage below.    Can underground drainage be used above ground? In the […]

Building Your Own Home: What You Need to Know

With house prices fluctuating following the pandemic and the quality of new-build homes notoriously shaky, many prospective buyers are now looking into how to build their own home as opposed to purchasing bricks and mortar.  The Wakefield-based building materials suppliers, BC Profiles have looked into the rise in demand for self-built homes, as well as […]

Polycarbonate Roof FAQs

Polycarbonate roofing is a versatile means of protecting and sheltering the likes of conservatories, greenhouses and porches and more. Strong yet lightweight, this robust material is an excellent alternative to glass roofing – but what do you need to know about polycarbonate roofing?  The BC Profiles team have put together a list of quick-fire polycarbonate […]

Making Your Home Energy Efficient

More and more people are making efforts to ensure that their home is more energy efficient to lessen the impact on our increasingly fragile planet. With huge conservation efforts underway to spell out the long-term dangers of global warming, one place that everyone can do their bit is right here at home.    From the […]