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ACO Drain Installation

Posted on 05 July, 2021

ACO Drain Installation

ACO is the market leader in drainage systems, offering an impressive range of industry accredited drains and supplies. At BC Profiles, we offer a wide range of ACO drainage solutions including ACO Threshold Drains and ACO Hexdrains.

In this guide, we’re going to look at ACO drain installation.

Parts You Will Need:

  • Drainage Channel
  • Outlet End Cap
  • Closing End Cap
  • Corner Unit
  • Sump Unit

The parts you require will differ dependent on the type of drain you are constructing. Each of our ACO drainage channel departments feature the parts required for each type of drain. Below is a link to our Drainage Channels department, with a list to the right of the various ACO drain types we supply (within each you will find the selection of components needed for installation).


Step 1: Prepare the area for your drain

The first thing to do is excavate a trench area at the installation site that matches the depth and width of your ACO drain and accommodates the channel and the bed. A line should be fixed along the length of the trench in order to determine the finished height and alignment of your drainage channel.

The amount of traffic or footfall will determine the bed depth. Areas where there is exceptional amounts of traffic will require a deeper bed and environments with only footfall will need a shorter depth, as seen in the diagram below.

Step 2: Create a firm base

The loading class of the ACO drain you choose will determine the type of material you use for the base. If this is a drain for pedestrian traffic only, you can use a compacted fill along the base of the trench. If vehicles will be used in the area, a bed of quality concrete is advised as a base for your ACO drain.

Step 3: Preparing the ACO drain outlet

A preformed outlet will need to be cut out in order to allow connection to the drainpipe. This outlet can be found in the base of the ACO drain channel.

Step 4: Assembling the components

The next step for your ACO drain is to connect the channels and fit the end caps. This needs to be completed before the assembly is placed in the run.

Step 5: Backfilling an ACO drain

After the assembly has been connected, place masking tape along the grates and ensure that it covers the entire length of the run. Your ACO drain can then be placed into the trench and sealed to the drainpipe before it is filled to the correct level.

Step 6: Completing an ACO drainage channel

Your ACO drain must be surrounded by either backfill or concrete and finished 2-3mm above the grate. Once this is complete, remove the grates, masking tape and any debris from the channels and check that the outlets are completely clear. The grates and then be placed back on top of the channel to complete your ACO drain installation.


We answer some of your questions on ACO Drain Installation…

What is an ACO drain?

An ACO drain is a branded drainage channel that helps to drain rain water away from a property. This prevents water from pooling or stagnating around the building, which could otherwise cause structural issues. The ACO brand specialise in producing highly durable and long lasting drainage channels, with a variety of designs offering different load ratings. This allows for installation on a range of domestic, commercial and industrial properties and environments.

How Does ACO drain work?

An ACO drain works by collecting rain water through the grating, which then runs along the length of the channel. This then falls into an underground drain and eventually into the sewage system.

Can ACO drains be laid level?

A common misconception is the belief that a slope is needed for water to drain effectively. However, this is not necessary. As long as the channel is laid flat and level, the water will be able to flow, providing the outlet is below the level of the channel.

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Now you are clued up on ACO drain installation, BC Profiles has all of the tools and building supplies you need for your ACO drain installation. Shop the range with fast delivery or contact a member of the team for more information.

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