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100% SATISFACTION Guaranteed
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Drainage Channels & Landscaping

A drainage channel is used to drain rain water away from areas round the home including paths, driveways and patios. This prevents the water from stagnating and potentially causing damage to the home.  A good quality low profile channel drain system should be built using long lasting parts, including a well manufactured channel with connectors and end caps.

Dek-Drain Drainage Channel A15

DekDrain A15 Accessory Bag


Discover a full range of low profile drainage channels, supplies and accessories all in one place at BC Profiles. As professionals in the trade, we strive to offer an array of solutions to the needs of low profile drainage channels. Not only are our products easy to install, but we also have something suitable for every budget. We are proud to offer these drainage systems in a wide variety of sizes, styles, capacities and materials. Apart from absolutely meeting specific application needs, our products are aesthetically appealing to complement your landscaping efforts and aptly meet the most important industry standards. You will find low profile drainage channels and systems in varying strengths for light to heavy loading purposes. We bring you both ACO and Azpects, two well known names within the industry in our drainage channels range.

We provide drainage channels for a number of applications, including heavy duty designs for use on commercial developments, alongside channels designed for light usage on private and domestic properties. Below is a guide on drainage channel load class ratings and the applications they are best suited to.

Domestic Pedestrian Areas - A15 For areas where only light footfall occurs, the ACO A15 drainage channels are what you require. This includes garden paths, patios and pavings. If you are working on a small outdoor domestic project, make sure you install the correct drainage to avoid ponding of surface water which can cause damage to the pavings and patios. The ACO RainDrain Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel 1m Length is designed for garage thresholds and patios on domestic properties. This can be found in the A15 rated range of paving drainage channels from ACO which has all the products needed for domestic pedestrian drainage, available in simplistic modern designs that fit in seamlessly with patio and paving slabs for a chic and sophisticated outdoor space.

Domestic Driveways - B125 If you are in need of drainage channels for a domestic driveaway, the B125 ACO driveway drainage channels are best suited for this application. Water pooling on driveaways can cause damage to parked vehicles if left for long periods of time, so it is essential that you install proper drainage solutions. The B125 rated channels can withstand domestic vehicular traffic up to 12.5 tonnes in weight including 4x4s. Made from Vienite, a high strength recycled concrete, these robust channel drains feature clip locking grates for quick and easy installation on residential driveways.

Storm Drains can also be used on domestic applications such as driveways and patios and are an effective means of collecting and removing of rainwater.

Private Roads and Car Parks - C250 The ACO C250 drainage channels are designed for use on medium usage roads and private use car parks where there is light to medium amounts of traffic. The robust design offers a corrosion-resistant grating which can withstand medium levels of usage on commercial properties and car park developments where drainage is required. The C250 car park drainage channels from ACO also feature profiles that encourage speed of water removal and self-cleansing, resulting in an easy to maintain drainage system.

Public Roads, Heavy Traffic Areas - D400 For roads which receive heavy traffic on a daily basis, you will need D400 rated drainage channels. These heavy duty drainage channels can withstand up to 40 tonnes in weight and heavy vehicle traffic. Made from polymer concrete and galvanised rails, the Clark D400 channel can cope with high volumes of surface water for quick and efficient removal of rain from public roads and car parks.

Public Pedestrian Areas - D400 A number of the D400 rated channel drains also lend themselves to heavy use pedestrianised areas including public footpaths and pavements. The design of the ACO Multidrain Stainless Steel Brickslot drains allows for a fully secure system which is less susceptible to vandalism. Be aware when purchasing D400 drainage channels as some of the products are not suitable for carriageways or public roads.

For more info or help on choosing the right type of low profile channel drains, speak to one of our team, who will be able to provide professional advice