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ACO StepDrain Channel 944mm

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ACO StepDrain drainage channel features a strong, 304 stainless steel grating which uses ACO’s innovative Heelguard technology. The product is also highly resistant to natural corrosion and weathering. 

The Stepdrain system is available in two sizes (944mm and 1088mm) which makes the system fit for almost any door size. The drainage channel complies with Part M of the Building Regulations for England and Wales and Section 4 of the Scottish Building Standards


  • Comes in two sizes, so you can choose which one will fit your doorway.
  • The doorframe doesn’t need to be cut to install this drainage system.
  • The grating features ACO’s Heelguard technology in order to stop accidents. 
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Features sub-surface drainage inlets.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Has an outlet for a 40mm waste pipe.
  • The frame and grating are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel
  • Compliant with Part M of the Building Regulations for England and Wales and Section 4 of the Scottish Building Standards
  • Features an A15 load class
  • A silt bucket is provided for ease of access as well as easy cleaning.


ACO’s StepDrain channel is suitable for use in block paving that’s up to 100mm, it’s quick and easy to install, as you can simply slot it in front of the door below the threshold, no need to cut the door frame. There’s a 40mm front outlet that can be arranged to open directly into a single soakaway. 

To clean, you can simply lift the grate to allow the silt traps to be emptied.


    • Length:


    • Width:


    • Depth:


    • Brochure:

    • Colour

      Steel Grey

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