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Uses for Wonder Wipes Cleaners Help and Advice

Uses for Wonder Wipes

Posted on 05 July, 2021

BC Profiles is home to a whole host of amazing products with a number of applications, but among our many favourites has got to be Wonder Wipes, a multi-use cleaning product from adhesive industry giants Everbuild

Given the sheer volume of uses that Wonder Wipes have, you may be wondering ‘what can I use Wonder Wipes for?’. Well, thankfully, our BC Profiles team have broken down just some of the many brilliant uses of this versatile product, and we’ve included them for you below.


Who Uses Wonder Wipes?

First off, who are you likely to see using wonder wipes? The beauty of this flexible product is that anybody can use them, and given the affordability of Wonder Wipes and the impressive results seen after use, you’re just as likely to see them around the home as you are in professional and public sectors.

That said, the Wonder Wipe is relied upon by many industries as a means of effortless and effective cleaning, and you’ll see them employed everywhere from builders and decorators to mechanics and cleaners. These are just some of the trade professionals that consider Wonder Wipes their go-to for removing all manner of dirt and grime in one handy, anti-bacterial wipe.


How Can You Use Wonder Wipes?

Now you know where you’re likely to find them, how do you use Wonder Wipes? As we touched upon earlier, their uses are plentiful, so covering them all would be no small task! To give you an idea of how you can use them and just how adaptable these wipes are, we’ve detailed some of uses below: 


Cleaning Your Hands

Cleaning your hands is important in everyday life; wherever you are and whatever your job. However, in notoriously messy vocations such as painting and decorating or mechanic work, your hands are bound to experience more dirt, grime and mess than the average. 

Multi-use Wonder Wipes contain an anti-bacterial additive, and they’re specifically designed to effortlessly clean your hands from troublesome materials such as dried paint and sealants while simultaneously ensuring they’re safe from potentially harmful germs too. 

Cleaning Tools

It’s not just your hands that feel the effects of messy environments, there’s your tools to think about too. Many high-quality tools can be expensive pieces of kit, so it’s best that you protect them, and what better way than with Wonder Wipe anti-bacterial wipes? 

Heavy Duty Wonder Wipes are specially formulated for use in industrial environments where heavy dust and ingrained dirt, oil and more soon mount up and coat your essential tools. With one quick wipe, you’re able to remove otherwise troublesome substances such as adhesives and expanding foam in an instant. 


Cleaning Surfaces

Hand hygiene and your tools are taken care of, but what about the surfaces you work on? 

They’re also subject to the effects of substances used while working in trade and industrial sectors, and when that can range anywhere from paint stains to potentially harmful adhesives, it’s best that you take care of your work surface too. 

With anti-bacterial Wonder Wipes Spray, you’re able to safeguard your surfaces against harmful bacteria as well as removing a wide range of materials, grease and oil with one easy spray and a simple wipe away.

Interested in finding out more about our amazing products? Visit the BC Profiles Help & Advice Centre for additional trade tips, handy how to’s and essential information.

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