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How to get expanding foam off hands

Posted on 21 October, 2021

Expanding form is a popular product in the construction industry due to its usefulness and ease of application. Expanding foam expands and then hardens once it is exposed to air. The foam is ideal for insulating your home. Each container comes with a nozzle that allows for spraying and makes it exceptionally easy to apply and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces owing to its waterproof and fire-resistant properties. There are several types of expanding foam and therefore depending on your needs, there will be one that fits.

However, as the user must use the expanding foam canister in close proximity sometimes this can lead to the foam getting on their hands. In this case, there are few ways to remove it before it causes any problems.

What issues can expanding foam cause?

If expanding foam gets on your hands, there are some risks involved. The foam, if left for a prolonged period, may lead to irritation and pain. Therefore, it is so important that you use the expanding foam carefully. It may be worth investing in pair of plastic or workman gloves which will minimise the risk of any problems arising.

How can I remove the foam?

Getting the foam on your hands shouldn’t cause too much stress or pain, especially if dealt with quickly however it may cause some irritation which could be exasperated in others. You should be able to remove the foam if it’s just fallen on your hands however if it is given time to harden you may need to use a solvent or chemicals.

Uncured Foam

The uncured spray is when the foam hasn’t hardened yet. This means you can easily wipe the excess foam away from your hands. Having done this, you can apply some acetone such as nail polish remover to prevent any rashes from developing. Then using soap and water, wash your hands thoroughly. Moisturiser can also help replace the natural oils in your hand that might have been removed due to the acetone.

Cured Foam

Firstly, you will need to get a pumice stone and try to wear away the foam. Following this point wash your hands with soap and water. Using the pumice stone may cause some pain so make sure you don’t hurt yourself. You will then need to apply some petroleum jelly or lanolin. These substances are very effective at combatting the cured expanding foam. Don’t be conservative when applying the jelly as the pumice stone can cause discomfort if you apply too little. Smear your hands in it so that it covers the affected surface. Once applied, cover the affected area with plastic ling film for one to two hours. For the next step, remove the plastic and rinse and wash your hands with soapy warm water. If necessary, you may want to consider adding more jelly and repeat the process.

Alternatively, there are a few lesser-known methods of removing the foam. Some professionals recommend using baking soda and oil. In this method, create the solution using canola or vegetable oil and apply it to the foam. Leave the mixture there for 3 minutes and wash it away with soapy warm water. This should remove the foam.

Finally, you can try the ‘Glove Method’. Place your hands in some rubber gloves that have been filled up to the halfway point with warm water and washing up liquid. Add some sticky tape to your wrists to hold the gloves in place. Remain like this for one hour. You can then remove the gloves (your hands may have shriveled up) and you should be able to easily remove the foam using warm water and soap.

Expanding foam is a brilliant product for insulating your homes however it is worth understanding the risks involved and how best to rectify any issues that arise. Fortunately, you don’t have to solve these problems by yourself so please feel to contact our customer support team about any of these potential problems when you buy foam from our store. It is also vital that you read all the instructions clearly so that you are well prepared for the expanding foam getting on your hands.

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