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How To Build A Front Door Canopy

Posted on 05 July, 2021

A door canopy is used to protect an exterior door, ideal if you’ve just invested in a new one! As well as offering protection from the weather, these canopies also make an attractive addition to a house or business front. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at how to build your own GRP door canopy, and add a welcoming touch to your abode.

What You Need:

  • Drill
  • Door Canopy
  • Sealant or Lead Flashing

Step One – Prepare the Door

Before you build a door canopy, you need to work out which type will work best for your property. The design should match the decor of the building, both inside and out – so this is where you decide whether a modern, simple design or a more decorative style is best for you. Measure the width of the doorway and decide how far the door canopy should stretch.

Step Two – Fitting a door canopy

  • Mark out and pre-drill 6mm holes at approximately 200mm intervals along the canopy flange across the top.
  • Hold the canopy up to the wall and centralise it so that it is above the door opening. If you need to fit brackets, mark this position on the wall and pre-drill fixing holes. Take care to ensure all markings are level, it will be very obvious to visitors if your canopy is askew.
  • Lift the canopy up the wall and onto the brackets. Drill and plug the wall as before using the fixtures supplied with your canopy. It is important that the brackets are fixed to the canopy before it is fixed to the flange on the wall. Once they are screwed through, seal the gap and cover all visible screw heads with a screw cap.
  • Using the fixtures supplied with your door canopy, fix the canopy using the pre-drilled holes to the flange on the wall.
  • Seal the canopy to the wall with a good quality sealant or lead flashing.
  • Maintain your door canopy by cleaning with soap and water.

Our  door canopy range includes everything you need to create different canopy designs, take a look or get in touch with a member of the BC Profiles team for more help and advice!

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