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DIY Survey Results

Posted on 05 July, 2021

Our recent survey has found that 66% of 18 to 24 year olds have never put up a shelf. We questioned adults on a number of DIY related queries, to find out how much they know about fixing and repairing things around the home. 


  • 52% have hung a picture on a wall
  • 21% have put up a fence
  • 21% have bled a radiator
  • 17% have put up curtains/blinds
  • 8% have replaced broken tiles
  • 34% have put up a shelf

The most popular DIY task that respondents had carried out was hanging a picture up on a wall, while the least popular household repair work experienced by young adults (those aged 18 to 24) was replacing broken tiles. Surprisingly, over 20% said that they had put up a fence, one of the more strenuous DIY jobs around the home. 

The survey also found the differences between DIY jobs carried out by males and females. Results show that males are more likely to have done more DIY jobs than females. Although the majority of males said that they had never bled a radiator, put up curtains or fixed broken tiles. 


  • 72% of males had hung up a picture
  • 66% of females had hung up a picture
  • 45% of males had put up a fence
  • 10% of females had put up a fence
  • 45% of males had bled a radiator
  • 16% of females had bled a radiator
  • 36% of males had put up curtains/blinds
  • 20% of females had put up curtains/blinds
  • 36% of males had fixed broken tiles
  • 3% of females had fixed broken tiles
  • 63% of males had put up a shelf
  • 33% of females had put up a shelf

We also asked a number of respondents what their DIY plans were over the next 12 months. The most popular was improving or purchasing a new kitchen, whilst the least common was damp-proofing the home and converting the loft. 


  • 28% new kitchen
  • 10% planning an extension
  • 10% fix or replace roof
  • 7% planning a conservatory
  • 7% building a front porch
  • 7% replacing or fixing pipes 
  • 3% planning patio or decking area
  • 3% planning a new driveway 
  • 3% converting the loft 
  • 3% damp-proofing

It appears that adding a conservatory or an extension to the home isn’t something many are planning for 2020. Fixing or repairing roofs was also low on people’s list of things to do around the home, as was building a front porch.

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