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Benefits of Plastic Glazing Roofing

Benefits of Plastic Glazing

Posted on 05 July, 2021

In the well-lit world of glazing, the question of which material is the more beneficial out of glass and plastic rages on. Sure, they both have their pros and cons, but for the moment, let’s focus on the case for plastic glazing. 

Whether you’re installing corrugated roof sheets in an outhouse or shed or a home extension such as a conservatory, read on below to discover the many benefits of plastic glazing. 

Economical Advantages

Plastic sheeting and glazing bars are much more affordable than their glass counterparts. In fact, a polycarbonate glazing sheet will cost you 3-4 times less than glass. 

This makes polycarbonate glazing systems perfect for those working to a budget, saving on cash while not sacrificing quality and functionality. Of course, there are those that would argue that plastic glazing sheets aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as glass, but plastic sheeting is more than capable of adding its own quirks and visual impact to a build.

Superior Durability 

Perhaps one of the biggest pulls of a plastic glazing sheet versus glass is its increased robustness. You’ll find that polycarbonate is up to seventeen times stronger than glass, meaning there’s no comparison when it comes to durability. 

What’s more, this increased durability means that acrylic glazing is virtually unbreakable. In the rare event that an acrylic glazing sheet does break, unlike glass, it will not shatter into tiny shards, instead, it will remain in larger pieces meaning it is much safer as well as easier to clean up and dispose of.

Increased Insulation 

Of course, one of the major factors you should consider when glazing any part of your home is insulation. Get your glazing right and not only will you be keeping your house warmer, but you’ll also save yourself money in the long run too. 

Not only is plastic glazing cheaper than glass, but it’s actually a better insulator too, being 20% more efficient at keeping both cool and warm air from outside at bay. This means that the inside temperature is well-regulated and comfortable and you’ll save on heating bills too.

Looks Good for Longer

Plastic sheeting keeps its appearance and has much more longevity when compared to glass, withstanding wear and tear and the elements for a lot longer. 

Many people are under the false impression that plastic actually discolours and becomes more brittle over time, and while this is true of cheaper plastics, the high-grade material used when glazing with plastic are far superior. 

You need only look as far as the windows of high-performance sports cars and even aeroplanes to see the benefits of acrylic glazing, both of which withstand high-pressures, high speeds and all kinds of weather conditions without tarnishing.

Lower in Density

Being lower in weight has numerous benefits, namely that working with plastic glazing sheets is much easier to transport, carry and install. Having a lower density also means that acrylic glazing is cheaper to produce, which in turn means it is also much more affordable to purchase.

Fitting plastic glazing is a much more forgivable process thanks to the material’s lower weight, with half the density of glass, plastic is far more flexible. This gives you a lot more leeway throughout the installation process, during which you won’t be afraid your brand new sheeting runs the risk of shattering into thousands of pieces. 

Allows in More Light

Believe it or not, plastic glazing actually allows in more light than glass sheets. This is especially true in thicker sheets, where you’ll find that your interior space is flooded with 10% more natural light. 

Not only does this increase optical quality within your home, but it’s also been proven that natural light leads to improved sleep, wards off seasonal depression and also can also boost your exposure to vitamin D too!

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