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Wood Treatments

Wood treatment is a product that helps to keep wood protected from damage. The solution helps prevent rot, decay, and fungi from forming and can be applied to most timber products either interior or exterior. Most wood treatments can be applied via a brush or via spray.

Wood treatment is an effective preserver for flooring, window frames, doors, fences, and other areas around the property's interior and exterior. Wood treatments are not only a good way of protecting your wood from future issues but they can also be used to refresh the appearance of wood for a new look. That being said, it is highly recommended that wood treatments like wood preserver are only used on freshly sawn or sanded wood, so you may need to sand down the wood beforehand.

At BC Profiles we have a number of reputable high-quality brands including Cromar, Everbuild and Sika for wood treatments. We offer a wide variety of colours so you can colour match the treatment to your wood so it’s indistinguishable, or you can apply a stained wood treatment to give your wood a new lease of life and different colour.

Are our wood treatments harmful to animals?

If in doubt you should always check the instructions supplied with the wood treatment. In most cases, however, our wood treatments are harmless to animals, though we recommend not allowing your pets from interfering or coming too close to the wood treatment whilst it’s drying as this may harm the finish of the treatment.

Are wood preservers all solvent-based?

One of the most common questions we hear about wood treatments is “will it smell?”. If you’re planning on treating your wood indoors or outdoors, the chances are that you don’t want a lingering smell of fumes that can be uncomfortable. Just like paint, wood treatments come as solvent-based, or water-based.

Solvent-based wood preservers absorb more deeply into the wood and are usually noted for having greater longevity. However, solvent-based treatments do tend to have more of a smell. It’s also common for solvent-based wood treatments to be slightly less environmentally friendly.

Water-based wood treatments differ in that they dry much faster than solvent-based treatments, are generally less smelly and usually a bit easier to work with. Water-based wood treatments also tend to wash off brushes a little easier as well.

Can I paint over wood treatment?

It depends on the individual product but products like Everbuild Wood Preserver Clear have been designed to be clear in colour for this very reason. It’s also worth noting if the preserver is water-resistant, particularly if the wood is likely to be exposed to wet conditions like the weather or splashback from a sink.

Why is wood treatment effective?

Wood treatment is an excellent tool for the preservation of floors, window frames, doors and fences. Furthermore, it can be used in external and internal areas of the home or commercial property. Whilst the primary aim of wood treatment is to protect the wood and avoid having to constantly replace it, it is also an excellent method of refreshing wood and making it look more aesthetically pleasing.

Are wood preservers all solvent-based?

Commonly people will ask whether any wood treatments will cause a smell. This is especially true for people who are planning on treating wood indoors, as they don’t want any lingering smells when they get in from work or are having dinner. If you are keen to avoid any associated smells then we recommend water-based wood treatments rather than solvent-based wood treatments, as they tend to smell less. Additionally, solvent-based treatments tend to be less environmentally friendly. Water-based wood treatments differ in that they dry much faster than solvent-based treatments and tend to wash off brushes a little easier as well.

Treating wood can cause some stress if you haven’t attempted it before therefore if you have any questions regarding wood treatments and our recommendations for your home please contact our help team and they will be able to provide you with some guidance and allay your concerns.

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