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Wood Fillers

Wood fillers are a substance used to repair damaged wood. It is often used on wood that has been chipped or damaged from nail holes and rot. Wood fillers are a long lasting, durable solution to damaged wood and can be used on several areas around the home, including, banisters, windowsills, window frames, doors, door frames and laminate.

BC Profiles stocks the highly reliable and reputable Everbuild range of wood fillers. Offering a wider variety of colours including redwood, pine, oak, white, mahogany and more, we’ve got all your wood filler needs covered.

Our wood fillers are fast drying in 30 minutes suitable for both exterior and interior usage on commercial, industrial, and domestic projects. The Everbuild range is incredibly easy to use and provides strength, flexibility, and durability. However, you can still carve, plane, nail or drill into the wood following application making it incredibly adaptable. Many of our wood fillers will flex with the natural movement of the wood which is incredibly useful for projects situated in environments with variable thermal activity.

What is the difference between wood putty and wood filler?

This is a question we commonly get asked. Wood putty is applied after the finishing is applied to the wood as the chemical ingredients found in wood putty could potentially damage the wood. Wood fillers is used to make a repair on the inside of the wood.

  • Wood putty might be more suitable for repair jobs where the wood is in an environment that frequently sees changes in humidity and temperature. Wood putty doesn’t harden in the same way as wood filler and as such, is more flexible. Wood putty is often used for small minor repairs like filling small chips or nail holes.
  • Wood filler should be used when you’re looking for strength as wood filler does harden. As such, you might use wood filler where the repair work is larger and is part of a structure e.g., a broken door frame.
Can I use wood filler on rotted wood?

We advise that you use a polyester filler to target rotted or severely damaged wood. This will allow you to reshape the filler to the contours and shape of the original wood profile. It also will be resistant to conditions such as moisture which encourages rot.

You should always look to remove any rot from the wood as much as possible before applying the filler, otherwise further unattended rot could weaken your repairs and the wood altogether.

Can I sand down wood filler?
Yes. Provided that you’ve let the wood filler set properly, it hardens quite quickly, and you should be able to sand it down. This is particularly useful if you’re using the wood filler to repair the surface and intend to achieve a smooth or glossy finish.

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