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Weep Vents

What is a weep vent?

A weep vent provides a property with integral ventilation for internal wall cavities and drains any water that may have entered the cavity through means such as: 

  • condensation, 
  • building damage
  • capillary action. 

If a weep hole is left unmaintained, it can provide access for wasps and bees which can lead to infestations.  It’s therefore important that you maintain your weep holes on your property with suitable and reliable weep vents; in turn, this will ensure that air can flow, water can drain and undesirable insects are kept out.

Suitability for weep vents

Our weep vent range from Manthorpe is available in a wide range of colours to match the surroundings and maintain your property’s overall aesthetics. They can provide drainage for damp-proof coursing, lintels, and can be used in conjunction with our selection of cavity and catchment trays from Manthorpe when needed. Unobtrusive grilles and openings on the vents help to avert rainwater ingress and insects.  

The product can be slotted between two bricks and mortared into position. It provides an unobtrusive ventilation or drainage point for the cavity behind. If you use it with a cavity tray the Weep Vent should be placed in the furthest corner away from the finished roof line. 

The Weep Vent should be spaced at no greater than 900mm centres to meet the guidelines provided by the N.H.B.C (National House Building Council), which state, “weep holes are recommended to be sited at every 450mm maximum with at least two per opening above all windows and doors.”

Our selection of weep vents is suitable for both new builds and refurbishment projects.

Manufactured to a high standard

At BC Profiles, the products we supply from Manthrope are entirely British manufactured and conform to numerous British Standards. We proudly support British manufacturing and use of British products in construction, maintenance, and refurbishment projects.

If you require any more information or advice on weep vents or any other element of a specific project, you can get in touch with our BC Profiles customer support team through our contact form and we’ll be happy to help.

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