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Weedol is a well-known brand to gardeners throughout the world. The product is high quality and effective solution for killing weeds in your garden.

Weedol is an innovative and exciting company whose history is steeped in making ground-breaking leaps forward since its launch in 1965 For instance, the brand invented the first weedkiller that is inactivated on contact with soil meaning gardeners can still seeds and plants once the weed leaves have been dried.

What products can you find at BC Profiles?

Here at BC Profiles, we stock several Weedol products which have been designed to make the maintenance and upkeep of your garden much easier.

Weedol® PS Pathclear™ Weedkiller Power Sprayer 5 litres

Weedol PS Pathclear is the best option if you are looking to kill weeds and prevent any new ones from growing for up to 3 months. Many users choose this product for paths, drives and patios.

Weedol® Gun!™ Rootkill Plus™ Power Sprayer

Weedol Gun! Rootkill Plus is a systemic weedkiller. This product is known as a ‘total weedkiller; and therefore will remove all broad-leaved weeds and grass and kill them to their roots. This is available in 5 litres or 1 litres depending on the size of the task.

Weedol PathClear™ Liquid Concentrate Tubes 8 tube carton

Often used on paths, drives and patios this particular product creates an invisible barrier that prevents new weeds from appearing. It has these properties due to its design which includes glyphosate and diflufenican. It is also very easy to use – simply pour it into a watering can and start.

Weedol Ultra Tough™ Weedkiller Liquid Concentrate Tubes 8 tube carton

For trickier weeds such as nettles, thistles, docks and more deep-rooted weeds you may want to consider the Ultra Tough Weedkiller. If you have let your garden get out of control or moved into a  new property, this will aid in your fight against untidy and overgrown spaces.

If you are concerned about weeds and how best to tame them contact BC Profiles and we can provide guidance and advice on the best Weedol option for your predicament.

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