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Underground Drainage Ancillaries

In order to protect gardens and drives from excess water overflowing many people install an underground drainage system. This is a solution that is not only effective in transporting the excess water safely away from surfaces but is also neatly hidden underground and therefore is aesthetically pleasing for homeowners. When a drainage system is installed there are often additional parts that are required to ensure its longevity and success and these are known as ancillaries.

What underground drainage ancillaries can I purchase at BC Profiles?

We provide customers with a core selection of ancillary products to complement their underground drainage needs. These include plastic pipe chamfers which can save time, energy and labour and come in multiple sizes. A chamfer excels at forming an airtight and rigid seal between drainage pipes once lubricant in water has evaporated. We also recommend the FloPlast Lubricant Gel which seals drains effectively and quickly. There is also a huge range of underground drainage products on the site and we would recommend it.

How do I know what drainage ancillaries to get?

Before undertaking any DIY or hiring a professional you should research underground drainage and assess what products you need and what results to expect. You or the contractor should also assess the space whether it is a garden or driveway so that you are aware of how many drainage pipes you will need and the exact number of ancillary products. The last thing you want is to buy all the supplies for the project and find that you’ve overspent or underbought.

For any further questions on underground drainage ancillaries please feel free to contact the customer service team at BC Profiles. Our product pages have a great deal of information on them however if you are a first-time buyer or attempting this project on your own we are happy to provide guidance and assistance.

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