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Tarmac Blue Circle

Blue Circle Cement is a high strength, general-purpose mix that can be used in mortars, renders, concretes and screeds. Blue Circle Cement has improved resistance to thaw attack and has a lesser water demand than regular portland cement, whilst offering a more cohesive mix.

Blue Circle Cement has several applications and can be bought in a variety of ways for a number of circumstances.

What’s part of Blue Circle’s range?

The company has the largest range of bulk cement. Tarmac prides itself on a varied and extensive list of products that include blended cement, cement that is factory produced as well as specialised types of cement and fly ash cement. These products are all sold throughout the UK and are regularly tested and checked to ensure they are of the highest order.

How are they committed to quality?

With the brand producing over 4 million tonnes of cement each year, Tarmac Blue Circle is highly committed to thorough examinations to ensure that the production process is of the highest quality. This means that for the cement to reach the market it must pass 17 different tests which include assessments after day 1, day 7 and day 28.

The parameters include looking at the strength, set and colour. To complete these tests each manufacturing factory has a lab onsite. In addition, Tarmac Blue Circle also has a UKAS accredited National Laboratory where samples are tweaked and tested to ensure innovation and standards.

What products are offered?

Whatever your project, whether it be refreshing your home or constructing a large building Blue Circle cement can assist you. There is a huge range of products to choose from such as:

  • Mastercrete
  • Extra Rapid
  • Postcrete
  • High Strength
  • Snowcrete
  • General Purpose
  • Quality Assured Mortar
  • Rapid Set Mortar
  • Multipurpose concrete
  • Procem
  • Quickset Concrete
  • Hydralime
  • Sulfracrete
  • Slablayer
  • Quick Repair Concrete
  • Limelite NHL

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