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Surface Treatments

Surface treatments, including patio protector and sealer, are used on several outdoor surfaces to help improve functionality, maximise their longevity and provide protection. Our patio protector and treatments are available for a number of different uses, with products designed specifically for stabilising, water sealing, tarmac restoring and more.

Surface treatments are used in a range of settings whether industrial or at home. 

How do they help functionality?

Depending on your reasons for surface treatment there are several reasons how they help functionality. For instance, some sealants that are used have a water repellent finish meaning they prevent porous substrates in brick, stone or grouting for example. Additionally, surface treatments can provide an effective stabiliser for a diverse range of materials such as brick, plaster and pebble dashing, before you add more coats to the surface.

Furthermore, in some cases, surface treatment may also need to be done on metal surfaces. Metal surfaces can be heavily impacted by the weather meaning they can easily corrode. Therefore, if you have a property or building with metal features outside, it is important that they are protected to ensure they last longer.

Depending on the issue there are a variety of surface treatments such as crack sealing which is seals cracks against moisture. Chip filling is perfect for older surfaces that may have been ravaged by time and are cracking. Slurry sealing is a good option for minor issues such as small cracks or surfaces that you wish to improve aesthetically. Finally, a cheaper option would be fog sealing which can replace surfaces such as asphalt at a lower cost whilst waterproofing and adding UV protection.

What protection do they offer?

Surface treatments can vary in how they protect surfaces. They can offer protection for outdoor surfaces as water to make the ground or walls repellent. Alternatively, some surface treatments will be heat repellent.

If you have any questions about surface treatments and how best to undertake the process please feel free to contact our friendly team who will be happy to answer any of your queries.

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