Since 1992

SuperFoil Multi Layer Insulation

SuperFOIL is a leading name within the insulation industry. They manufacture some of the highest performing products on the market, including the world’s highest-performing multifoil, SF60. Offering excellent value for money, our multifoil insulation is ideal for both new build or retrofit projects. It can be used anywhere in the home, including for wall insulation solutions, meaning you only have to buy one product to cover your roof, walls and floor!

The best benefit of multifoil insulation is that it will save you money in the long run and reduce the amount of time spent during a project. SuperFOIL promises long-lasting results meaning less time needs to be spent re-insulating your home or building. Additionally, the products are BBA and LABC certified meaning they have been extensively tried and tested to meet the demands of consumers and building regulations.

Can I install it myself?

Yes, you can install multifoil installation yourself and it is remarkably easy. No hi-tech industrial tools are needed for fitting. The intuitive and advanced design means that the multifoil can be fitted easily whilst also being less wasteful than traditional insulation.

What types of multifoil products are there?

Like any multi-facet and forward-thinking company, SuperFOIL provides a range of products for different situations. There is the bespoke foil for pipes which will reduce pipe noise as well as protecting the pipes from leakages and cold in the winter. More breathable options can be used in roofs or walls. Equally, there are very efficient options such as foil tape which can quickly be placed over air passages to improve insulation in the winter. The tape is pragmatically designed so that it can be applied quickly and easily.

What are the benefits of multifoil insulation?

SuperFOIL has produced a range of products that are very easy to fit as well as being cost-effective. Ultimately the main benefit is the transformative effect it will have in warming your home, however, the brand also prides itself on being environmentally friendly and hence their products are made from 40% recycled material and at the end of its long lifespan of 50+ years, it can be recycled.