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SuperFOIL is a highly reputable brand and the leading manufacturer of Multifoil insulation in the market. Across both SF60 they produce the best performing multifoil insulation as well as the most breathable range with their BB products.

SuperFOIL has three key aims as a company. They promise to save space, time and money for all their customers. They can achieve this by rigorously testing all their products to make sure they are of the highest standard. This has been proven by their accreditation by UK and international bodies such as the BBA, LABC, DiBt & ZAG.

How do they support customers?

SuperFOIL’s mandate is to save space, money and time. Insulation can often take up a great deal of space in a home and for prospective buyers, this can seem unattractive. Therefore SuperFOIL’s insulation is smaller and more compact as well as providing superior results. Their hi-tech innovative products will keep your home warm in the winter, protect against unwanted noise and you don’t need to sacrifice space.

Secondly, multifoil insulation can also save you time. One of the most stressful and energy-sapping elements of insulating a home is the time spent picking and transporting the insulation as well as the difficulty with fitting it. SuperFOIL’s range is quick and easy to fit. The results are instant and there is hardly any cleaning to do at the end, which is always a big bonus. Once you’ve applied the multifoil you can sit back and admire your work.

Finally, money is always a concern when insulating a home or a building. Sometimes it can feel like you are spending a lot of money purely to avoid draughts and cold. Even worse, if you make one slight mistake it could end up costing even more money to rectify. Therefore, with SuperFOIL’s easy to install products you can prevent and mitigate this risk. Even better, the majority of the range produced by the brand has 3-in-1 properties. This means it combines insulation and vapour control. Not only are keeping your house well-insulated but the structure and bones of the building are also being protected from water damage.

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